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SneakiDong Rope Laces
If you have a true love for sneakers, you cannot go without the popular and cool rope laces.

Rope laces are very popular at the moment as they are the cleanest looking laces on the market. You can go simple. You can go playful. You can go casual. And you can go nuts.
Be dope with rope
If you choose to spoil you sneakers with some rope laces, we guarantee you, you will not regret.

Rope laces come in many variations and styles and your sneakers will love you for them.
Rope laces – A must-have
It can be difficult to choose among the different kinds of rope laces – so why bother. You really can’t have too many laces, can you?

Knock yourself out and have a closer look at some of the rope laces in our product range below. There are laces for every occasion and every desired style.

One thing is for certain. Rope laces are a must-have!

Match made in heaven
Whether you are looking for 2 tone or 3 tone laces, the famous 3M reflective, some gold metal aglets or some real glowy features, we have what your seek.

In the case, you don’t find the right rope laces for you here, you are always welcome to send us an mail at, find us on facebook or DM us on Instagram. We will see it!

Maybe we have some new ones coming right up or maybe you can hint us, so we can meet your needs and wishes as fast as possible.