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Some things never go out of style. Flat laces are one them for sure!
The classic flat laces
A pair of simple and classic laces can be the icing of the cake to your look. You will look crisp and ready for any occasion. Sometimes the simple look is the perfect look.

If you have some really far-out-of-the-box looking sneakers (which we also love, don’t get us wrong), a fresh pair of classic flat laces can tone them a bit down and make them look clean, whenever that is desired.
Flash those sneakers
But you can also be a little more fresh and make your sneakers flashy with some really cool reflective laces, that will light up the dark. There are no limits to the styling of your sneakers, and you can do almost whatever you want and still get away with it. 

Remember: Flashy is lit. So go be legit!
Flat laces – which ones are your favourites?
The possibilities are many, and it really is your own imagination that sets the limit for the look of your sneakers.

Take a look at our flat laces and seek out your favourites. If we don’t have the once you fancy or a looking for, try sending us an mail at contact@sneakidong.com, find us on facebook or DM us on Instagram. We will see it! We continuously extend our product range and we are responsive to the wishes of our costumer.
The other opportunity
Of course there is always a time and a place for the classic flat laces and if you don’t have any – go get some. But you should also consider taking a look at our dope rope laces.

It is no secret that rope laces are the hottest of the hottest right now. And we at SneakiDong have some real treats for you. Go see our rope laces now (but don’t forget your flat laces!)