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Here you will find our different products of Sneaker Care.

We’ve probably all tried it. Our favourites sneakers have become beaters. It’s over. Finito. Caput. *Sigh*. Could we have done more? Should we have tried more? Let us drop the concerns and all of the bad conscious.

It doesn’t have to be difficult or confusing to help your sneakers look great for longer. To avoid the all too soon goodbye to your sneakers, you can come a long way with just the right kind of sneaker care.

SneakiDong Sneaker Care
At SneakiDong we care for sneakers. Therefore you can find some of the best products at SneakiDong.
For example: With the SneakiDong Sneaker Cleaner you’ll have an entire kit that helps you extend the lifetime of you sneakers. For the best result, we recommend you to use our Superior Microfiber Towel. If you want to quickly protect your sneakers against outside influences, you should try our SneakiDong Sneaker Repellent.

The best of the best
Of course both the sneaker cleaner and the sneaker repellent is eco-friendly and of top-quality. We do not compromise with the standards of our sneaker care – just as you should not compromise with the care of your sneakers.

Contact SneakiDong
Should you not find what you seek, or do you have wishes for products we should have in our range, you are most welcome to contact us at our e-mail

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