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Do you really need a shoe tree? Oh, yes you do! Or rather – your sneakers do.

With SneakiDong shoe tree you will get a high quality and eco-friendly shoe tree, which helps your sneakers to stay fit and flashy.
Fit, fun and flashy
Shoe trees are important to have if you want your sneakers to keep the shape and stay good looking for a longer time. And hey – we all know: If our sneakers look great, it’s just so much more fun to flash them in public.

So in short: SneakiDong Shoe tree helps your sneakers to stay nice and beautiful when you’re not using them, as well as it makes them feel more comfortable when it’s time to rock them again.
Eco-friendly shoe trees
We at SneakiDong are proud to tell you that we use second sorting wood for our shoe trees. So instead of throwing the wood away, we make a purpose for them.

By doing this, we are trying to help nature to stand tall and keep being a beautiful place for a little longer.

Remember buddy, the small steps can do a big difference!

SneakiDong shoe tree comes in 2 different sizes:

EU 40-44 and EU 45-48.

So what do get with the SneakiDong Shoe tree:

Shoe trees of high quality wood.
An eco-friendly product.
A helping friend to your sneakers – keep shape, extend lifetime.

Sizes from EU 40-44 and EU 45-48.